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They gave us a estimate for the time and costs to complete the clean out. They said they would donate and recycle anything reusable. They coordinated everything and had their crew here 3 days later. 

Truly an amazing job. They even found some old letters my husband had sent me when he was in the Navy. They set them aside for us along with some other personal items. 

Thank you for the great job and the personal attention!

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In just two days the job was done! It was broom clean and we closed on time the following week. 

We sold our house in just a few days and had 30 days to move out and into a senior community. We were overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. Our children live out of state and are busy with their lives. We had accumulated 40 years stuff! Our realtor suggested we contact 802 Cleanout. They had us walk them through our house, basement and garage. We told them what we were taking with us and how soon we needed to be out.  They truly did an amazing job!

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