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Our name may be new but we have been around for a long time! Our business specializes in helping you rid your home of unwanted items.  We take care of your cleanout from top to bottom and design our services to best fit your needs.

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Are you looking for someone to haul away a few items, or would you prefer to have everything gone and your space completely cleaned out? We do it all based on your specifications.

Do you have some family heirlooms or newer treasures you would like to sell? We work closely with a reputable estate sales company to get you the best price for your items.

Perhaps some of your treasures aren't ready for the landfill just yet and you would like to donate them.  We have great relationships with local charitable organizations who would love to find new homes for your items.  

After our initial consultation to determine your exact needs, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our services.  We handle the project the way you want to ensure you are pleased with the end result.

NEED TO SELL SOME OF YOUR TREASURES? 802 Cleanout works closely with Estate Sales & Consignments to help you find new homes for your items.
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